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Strona erotyczna przeznaczona tylko dla osób dorosłych. Wejdź jeśli jesteś dorosłą osobą, w pozostałych przypadkach wyjdź.


This polish adult website contain: ♥ most extreme porn movies ♥ sex stories ♥ XXX ranking of adult website ♥ Also sex offers from Poland and abroad ♥ dating.

Website is recomended to adult people only. If you are adult person, enter to main page otherways leave now.

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Regulations of the erotic portal -

Using the service you agree on the warning described here principles and rights. If you break any from these principles, the administrator of the service has the right to removal of your account, offer and also pictures. There isn't any possibility to return costs, used in service.


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Contact with the administrator - the option after logging in.
General Decisions and principles.
Rules of adding and editing offers
Help - The content of the portal.
FAQ - frequent questions.

CONTACT - accessible after logging in

General Decisions

1. The website contains erotic and pornographic materials so use this can only adult persons who finished the majority.

2. Every registered user accept the agreement on storage and the processing given personal data for the marketing needs of the portal, according to the polish law from the day 29.08.1997r. about the Protection Data Personal, (Dz.U.Nr 133, p. 883). The participant accepts to the message simultaneously that the insight has to his data and the possibility their of improving, actualization or removal...

3. New registered person is obligated to confirm his contact email by activation link, before add new offer. Administrator will keep given email confidential. Activation email is not required while normal use the website.

4. The registered participant is asked for the contact with the administrator, while the abuse will be seen in the offer or he has restrictions to given contact data of the offer.

5. After new registered user gets 50 points which can use to services in the portal. For example for seeing contact data in selected offer, system will take 10 points, for seeing movie will be taken 1 point per minute of movie. User always can add new points to his account. This is the paid service. The DOTPAY company is responsible for payments in the service.

6. The administrator does not take the responsibility for published pictures, films, contacts or texts on the page. The administrator obliges oneself to the removal of commercial materials simultaneously, if their owner will prove the possession to them of rights.

7. The administrator reserves the right to changing rules contained in the present document and he obliges also himself to informs all users by e-mail about this fact.

The rules of adding or the editing of offers.

1. Every registered user has the right to add one offer, but and the administrator expresses or not, agreement on his publication. The administrator has the right to not accept the offer if this content violates Polish right or present rules or when user adds:
-he places given contact in fields into this not made,
-he does the jokes and has dishonest intentions,
-false contact data,
-offer will place in the inappropriate category,
-offer advertising the different website.

2. You have to respect rules also when you will edit made offer.

3. Adding the number of the telephone or different contact, user confirms his authenticity. The administrator is not responsible for the authenticity of the contact and does not the turn of lost points when the user declares, it is not true.

4. Every user contacts with the chosen person on his own risk. This rule is for the users who add new offers as well.

5. After clicking the button CONTACT , chosen contact will be visible to time of closing the browser or to ending of session.System will take 10 points from user account every time when he looks on the new contacts data. User can charge new points any time by clicking link in the upper horn.

6. If the face is visible the administrator has the right to curtain her before the publication of the picture. The administrator will confirm pictures if they do not break this rules.

7. The administrator is not responsible for the authenticity of pictures because checking this is physically impossible. User can comment false pictures. Comments are always checked before the publication and the administrator has the right to their removal.

Help - The content of the portal.

1. The portal is divided on several sections. There is common system of points and the password of the access of logging in for all sections.

2. There is the personal menu which serves to add or edit of sex offers in the left upper horn:

- Button of logging out from the service.
- Button of the addition your new sex offer.
- Button of the access to help and regulations that is this document.
- Button of the edition of the sex offer.
- Button of the edition of the photos.
- Option the letting possibility of the promotion of your offer in the portal.
- Button removing the offer from the portal.

3. Below is menu of categories.

4. You can use also search engine which is on the top central position of page to make your choices better.

5. Points (gold colour) were situated in the right upper horn. There is also button adding new points to your account and there is buttons with the flags to change language of website. Below this is general menu for other sections of the website.

6. For sex offers we made also menu of cities which let you easy find city which you seek for.

FAQ - frequent questions.

Use the contact form if you want to make new query (you must be logging in).

1. Why to pay for points ?!!!
After registration you gets free 50 points, you can use this for anything. But we pay for the hosting, for domain and for marketing and is no way to make this portal completely free.


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